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Making unforgettable memories during school days

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School trip

Surrounded by nature, Aso is rich in local resources and tourism resources, making it an attractive area for school excursions.
Arden Hotel Aso has been used by many school trip students so far.
Nature, hot springs, and delicious food.
Why don't you make important memories during your school days at Arden Hotel Aso?
We look forward to working with you to help you with an unforgettable school trip.


3 recommendations for school excursions


As Arden Hotel Aso is located at the Aso Sorinen entrance, it is a base for sightseeing in the Aso area. Great location .
It takes about 30 minutes from Kumamoto Airport and about 40 minutes from Kumamoto IC, so it is very convenient for moving to the next destination.

Arden Hotel Aso's rooms can accommodate up to 250 people, mainly Japanese-style rooms.
Reservation is limited to one school per day even during the season so that students can stay with peace of mind. (Excluding small schools)
1 school 1 building system So teachers can spend time with peace of mind.

Japanese room 12 tatami

Arden Hotel Aso's hot spring facility “Dondokoyu” boasts an abundant amount of hot water, and is a rare green-white nigari hot spring in the Aso area.
Bathing more than 100 people at a time is possible, and it is possible to charter depending on the time of day
You can enjoy hot spring water flowing from the source.


Hotel documentation

The hotel materials are available in PDF format. Please download and use it freely.

Guide inside the hall
School excursion facility overview